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Handwriting Benefits for Children

Benefits of Handwriting for Children


The technology boom has changed the way the world works drastically in the last 50 years. New technologies are constantly arising to make our lives easier; we carry computers in our pockets, cars can park themselves, and typing computers is starting to replace longhand. The working world rarely uses normal handwriting and cursive is all but extinct in people under 30 years old. Now children are learning to handwrite less often. Schools are incorporating computers and tablets into the curriculum and less focus is spent on handwriting and cursive. Speed is the main factor in replacing the seemingly outdated longhand. However we are failing to realize the benefits of teaching our children to write by hand.


Scientists and psychologists are both examining handing writing. Their findings are not surprising for people who grew up learning handwriting. Little girl practicing handwritingChildren learn to read more quickly if they are being taught how to write at the same time. Studies are suggesting that when you write by hand you are able to remember and retain information at a better rate. Writing in free hand was also shown to increase brain activity in children more than tracing or typing. There are quite a few small benefits of handwriting. One of which is the removal of computer based distraction, handwriting is generally seen as better for focus. Another benefit of handwriting was shown in the medical field. When stroke patients have difficulty reading it helps them to have them to trace out letters sometimes even with their fingers alone. Often times handwriting is associated with memory. When something is handwritten it is remembered and understood better.


It is important for children to learn both handwriting skills and computer skills in our current day and age.Take to time to make sure your child is being properly taught to write. It is also important for adults to practice handwriting as it helps retain cognitive ability. Practicing handwriting may seem dull to your child but you can make it fun! Helping them hand write birthday party invitations adds a personal touch to each invitation. We also provide stationery and note cards that will help excite your kids to learn writing by sending notes to their friends, grandparents, and cousins.


Greeting Card History

You buy them, you receive them, and you collect them, but have you ever wondered about the origin of the greeting card? Greeting card history goes back farther in time than you would think. Greeting cards have been a force around the world since ancient eras and their purpose remains the same today. Modern greeting cards haven’t changed much since then, proof of their lasting legacy.


Greeting card history started in ancient China, during the Chinese New Year. They were used to convey messages of joy and happiness. Chinese New Year itself is an interesting holiday. It started out over 4,000 years ago and celebrates the first 15 days of the Chinese calendar. During those 15 days, many types of celebrations were had and as tradition, deities and ancestors were honored. They also had parades and used fireworks to celebrate, things that we recognize today. The general theme was wellness and prosperity. The event itself originates from the mythology of Nian.

Greeting Card History- Dragon & Knight

Nian was a horrible beast that would terrorize villages on the first day of the new year. To get revenge against the Nian and protect their families, villagers abused its fear of loud noises and the color red to ward off Nian. That is why the color red and fireworks are so prevalent in the celebrations. As the tradition aged, more things were added to it, including the advent of greeting cards. Greeting cards were handmade then and were personally delivered to the recipient. Chinese, however, weren’t the only ancient society to exchange greetings, the Egyptians also had a type of card they exchanged.


In Egypt, they also celebrated the beginning of their own new year and various seasons. The lifestyle along the Nile was centered on farming, so they celebrated the harvest. During the festivities, they would exchange gifts and personalized messages on papyrus. Papyrus is a paper like material made from the papyrus plant. This is also a very old tradition and could be older than the Chinese card exchange, but exact dates are unknown. These two card traditions carried on for a long time in their own area and didn’t spread until thousands of years later.


By the 15th century, various countries through Europe had started exchanging greeting cards. Handmade cards were exchanged for various holidays. The first, most popular use of greeting cards in Europe was for Valentine’s Day. The New Year celebration was also a popular holiday for greeting cards. However at this time in history, only the elite could afford to exchange greeting cards, as paper was expensive and it took a large amount of time to make and deliver one. Greeting cards were a status symbol due to their expensive nature. This continued for a long time, until the beginning of the industrial revolution. Printing became more affordable and widespread. Paper also had plummeted in price as time went by. Also the creation of the postage stamp had been the final piece to make greeting cards widespread. The man who invented the stamp, Henry Cole, also created the first Christmas card for his friends and family.

Greeting Card History- Valentine's Day Card


Christmas cards, at the time, were still handmade and not available to working class. It wasn’t until nearly a century later that they were widely available. The reason Christmas cards and other cards lowered in price was because of advances in the technology of lithography. Lithography is a form of printing that takes something drawn with wax, oil, or another suitable material and presses it on to a rock or smooth metal. The metal is then treated with acid to remove the portion of rock not covered in the wax, oil, etc. Then ink would be placed onto the stone and used to print on to a paper. By the early 20th century, lithography had been improved to print in color. This led to the biggest boom in the greeting card industry.


Now greeting cards are a popular and profitable industry, especially in the U.S. and the U.K. The total spending on greeting cards in those two countries alone totals around $10,000,000,000. The U.K. has the highest greeting card rate per capita, they send nearly 55 greeting cards per person every year. The industry has grown into a widespread success.


Greeting card history includes a legacy that lasts for thousands of years. Going from ancient China and Egypt through Renaissance Europe to the industrialized world to modern times. Greeting cards have greatly impacted how our society interacts and conveys messages of joy.


Themed Holiday Parties

Let us help you host the perfect themed holiday party! We have invitations and thank yous that fit every theme you can think of.


Sports Themed Invitations & Thank Yous:

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Pirate Themed Invitations and Thank Yous:

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Let us help you get ready for cooler weather!

Don’t strike out! Use Let’s Party Stationery to help plan your perfect bowling party. As we approach the end of summer, it’s time to say a sad farewell to our favorite outdoor activities. This doesn’t mean the fun stops though! Moving into cooler weather and fall time presents the opportunity to hold spectacular bowling parties. Whether it’s a birthday, bowling league, or a get together, we can provide you invitations and thank you’s to get people excited.


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Dragons, oh my!

Imagine a far away land in the past, over run with dragons! A beautiful princess is stuck in the tallest tower of her castle, being guarded by a ferocious dragon. Thankfully a valiant knight swooped in to the save the day! He fought the beast valiantly and swayed them onto the side of good. While riding his dragon, he rescued the princess down from her tallest tower and a friendship was born between all three.

Kids Dragon Party InvitationsKids Dragon Party Thank You Cards

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Camp season is here!

Camp season is here!

Make sure to send your kids off to camp equipped with stationery so they can write home! At Let’s Party Stationery, we have several styles of cards that are perfect for children. Whether your boys are at baseball camp or all your kids are enjoying the outdoors together, make sure you have a way to keep the memories forever.

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Camp cards are a perfect way to let kids express themselves and to let parents remember the occasion. Receiving a letter from a child is a special occasion for everyone from Grandparents and cousins to friends back home. Encourage your child to write home about sports, swimming, hiking, friends, animals, and s’mores! Take advantage of this wonderful way to stay connected with your family during the busy summer while encouraging them to write!

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