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Teaching Children About Holidays and Celebrations

celebrations and holidays


With fall in full swing, there is an endless parade of holidays that need to be considered, prepared for, and participated in.  Through all these engagements, parties, soirees, and events, children tend to get lost in the shuffle. They’re often relegated to the recipients of presents or the ones to find a babysitter for as parents socialize for business or with friends.  However, children want to engage and learn about the world around them. That includes finding out about holidays, why we celebrate them, and how they can actively participate instead of passively receiving limited information. Use the opportunity this time of year provides to teach children about celebrations, and help them create a few traditions of their own.

Why do we celebrate?

It doesn’t have to be any one specific holiday; any of the numerous celebrations falling at the end of the year have us excited and exasperated.  We gather together as humans because we have a need to communally enjoy each other’s company.  We need to believe we are inherently good to each other and for each other.  Holidays such as the upcoming Thanksgiving, remind us to be thankful for one another. It’s important to point out that these are lessons that children need to be taught as well, not just adults.  By promoting human interaction, children learn tolerance and care for fellow human beings. Bringing them to parties or throwing events where they will interact with children and adults alike will create a sense of responsibility for fellow humans. That lesson is important in creating empathy for the lives of others and their highs and lows, seeing them at all stages of their lives.  For better or for worse, holidays bring out the best and worst in humanity, and having a child observe the variations is important so that they can determine for themselves what the best course of action in a given situation should be.

How do we engage our children?

There are numerous ways that children can be brought into the idea of celebrations as a communal function to learn about human interaction.  Cookie baking, pie making, having a craft day where children get to make decorations for the house or the table, these things allow children to grasp at least a part of what the holiday is about.  They also get to participate and see everyone who attends, both children and adults, experience the result of something they worked on, whether it’s a sugar cookie or a construction paper cutout of a turkey done by tracing their fingers.  Whatever they do, large or small, make sure that it is given proper recognition. Everyone should know that your child assisted in the celebration, and they can be a part of the party that’s occurring.

  • Give them something of consequence that has a tangible result. There should be a visible representation of the work they did that can be pointed to and have credit received for.
  • Make this the beginning of a tradition, which will give the child the idea that this is more than just simply a one-time filler activity.
  • Use whatever you decide to do as a teaching moment, explaining the significance and/or the history behind what you’re doing.

Make it a group activity

Holidays themselves are a time for large groups to assemble.  This should be no less the case for children. Take the idea of an activity, craft, or cooking moment and expand it into a party so that they can have their peers experience and learn from the activity as well. Throwing a party that involves a common theme is one of the quickest ways to bring a sense of understanding to kids as to what a holiday or celebration is all about.

Creating a party, even a small one, and letting your child assist in planning will help them to become further immersed in understanding the idea of a celebration.  They can help create the guest list, which will show them how to include people, even if they’re not “best friends,” or someone they know very well, so that everyone can feel welcome.  Have your child write out the invitations, seal them, and mail them. Doing so will instill a sense of pride, because they invited their guests, rather than a parent inviting on their behalf. Finally, have them follow through, calling people who don’t RSVP, getting them to keep count of the number of people coming, and have them help you plan accordingly.

If there’s a cookie party, for instance, get them to make sure there are enough cookie cutters for everyone, enough paper plates put out, enough decorating materials so that everyone can share.  Get them to work alongside you, setting up and cleaning up before and after the party.  Again, it gives a sense of responsibility, and shows them that parties involve work. There’s also the reward of watching guests have a good time and an experience that they won’t forget.  In the end, have him or her write a thank you note to each guest, showing them how much it meant to your child to have each one there.

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