Handwriting Benefits for Children

Benefits of Handwriting for Children


The technology boom has changed the way the world works drastically in the last 50 years. New technologies are constantly arising to make our lives easier; we carry computers in our pockets, cars can park themselves, and typing computers is starting to replace longhand. The working world rarely uses normal handwriting and cursive is all but extinct in people under 30 years old. Now children are learning to handwrite less often. Schools are incorporating computers and tablets into the curriculum and less focus is spent on handwriting and cursive. Speed is the main factor in replacing the seemingly outdated longhand. However we are failing to realize the benefits of teaching our children to write by hand.


Scientists and psychologists are both examining handing writing. Their findings are not surprising for people who grew up learning handwriting. Little girl practicing handwritingChildren learn to read more quickly if they are being taught how to write at the same time. Studies are suggesting that when you write by hand you are able to remember and retain information at a better rate. Writing in free hand was also shown to increase brain activity in children more than tracing or typing. There are quite a few small benefits of handwriting. One of which is the removal of computer based distraction, handwriting is generally seen as better for focus. Another benefit of handwriting was shown in the medical field. When stroke patients have difficulty reading it helps them to have them to trace out letters sometimes even with their fingers alone. Often times handwriting is associated with memory. When something is handwritten it is remembered and understood better.


It is important for children to learn both handwriting skills and computer skills in our current day and age.Take to time to make sure your child is being properly taught to write. It is also important for adults to practice handwriting as it helps retain cognitive ability. Practicing handwriting may seem dull to your child but you can make it fun! Helping them hand write birthday party invitations adds a personal touch to each invitation. We also provide stationery and note cards that will help excite your kids to learn writing by sending notes to their friends, grandparents, and cousins.

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