Planning a Memorable At-Home Birthday Party

The traditional at-home birthday party has a lot of advantages. But when kids are young (not to mention indecisive as only kids can be) the planning of the party falls to the parents. That can be a big task, especially when you’re trying to make sure your child has a special and memorable day! With the advent of Pinterest and other such sites, there’s so many DIY birthday party ideas that it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are some places to begin with your planning and brainstorming:

One of the easiest places to start would be a themed party. If your child is at that stage where they’re completely obsessed with dinosaurs, one of the coolest (and easiest!) things you can do for them is make everything at their birthday dinosaur-themed. Cards and invitations can start things off, with fun paper plates, gift baggies, and maybe even a decorated cake tying everything together.

Themed parties can be a lot of fun both for the parents and the kids. The sky is the limit when it comes to them as well. If you can think up a theme, there are ways to make sure it’s everywhere on your child’s birthday.

There is, however, one downside to these sorts of parties. With certain themes, party activities can sometimes be hard to think up. Having a firetruck on the banner, a firetruck on the cake, and firefighter helmets for party hats is great! But games that relate to that are few and far between. A party without a theme is also going to need some activities to make the day really fun. Planning them is just as important as making sure there’s a cake and that everyone has RSVP’d.

Don’t stress about it, though! If you’re pressed for ideas, try putting a new spin on some old games. There‚Äôs no need to go trawling through the internet to find all new ones you’ll have to teach a group of kids when a tweak is all you need to make something fresh. For example:

  • Turn a game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey into a team sport, or even a bracketed competition with a small prize for the winner.
  • Make a three-legged race a little more challenging by adding an obstacle course into the equation.
  • Musical chairs can combine with a dance-off to make all kinds of interesting fun. Be sure to have a camera on hand for this one!

The change in the typical games will make sure kids and parents alike will leave the party with special memories, and may even give them a new favorite thing to do when they get together at homes or on the playground.

What if my kid isn’t the running around activities sort?

That’s a-okay. Some kids like the quiet more, and will enjoy something a little less rambunctious. If your child leans to the artistic side of things, an arts and crafts project may be just the thing they need for their birthday party. It will give kids something tangible to take home with them and make the party truly memorable.

Here are a few quick ideas that your kids can have a lot of fun with:

  • For younger children, stickers, crayons, party hats, and construction paper are all you really need to set up for a fun create-your-own-favor station.
  • Older kids may have more fun customizing t-shirts with puffy paint.
  • If your child is alright with forgoing a classic cake, decorating cupcakes to eat and cookies to take home could be a winning activity for kids of almost any age.

The mess that can sometimes come with arts and crafts may not be everyone’s style, but it’s something worth thinking about. But if it’s not something you or your home is prepared to handle, there are lots of other things you can do to make your child’s day special. You could turn their party into their own personal Oscars or red carpet night with all the guests playing dress-up and watching your child’s favorite movie after dinner. You can even make some fun popcorn boxes with the kids’ names on them to personalize the snacks for the night.

There are lots of things you can do to make your kid’s special day just that. But perhaps the most important thing you can do is listen to them.

Kids may be known for outrageous, impossible ideas, and changing their minds at the drop of a hat, but they’re also incredibly vocal about what they like and don’t like. Listen when they talk about what they did at school, what they’ve been watching on TV, or the games they’ve been playing with their friends. Certain things will come up more often than others. Trends will start to emerge. Odds are, the more you listen, the more ideas you’ll get for how you can really make your child’s face light up when they’re at their birthday party.

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