Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

The act of trading Valentine cards has been in existence since Victorian England when children’s scrap books contributed to the craze for lacy paper mementos or sentimental pictures that could be transformed into greeting cards.

Kids Valentines Day Cards Childrens Themed-Holiday SstationeryToday’s kids are no less enchanted by the sentimental exchanges on February 14th. Children are especially charmed by the modern Valentine rituals – the hugs and kisses, the cuteness of hearts and angels, the candy – and most of all, the experience of expressing love.

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity for positive social interaction among elementary-school-aged children. The act of exchanging Valentine cards teaches young children how to express feelings of love, be it platonic, paternal or romantic. Exchanging Valentines promotes sharing and giving and the idea that a simple kindness can bring joy and happiness to others.

Let’s Party Stationery is proud to share our Valentine’s Day cards and stationery for your enjoyment. We have a wide selection of boys’ and girls’ themes to choose from, including sports themes, conversation hearts, personalized license plates and more available on our store!

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